Creating Attractive Half Bathroom Ideas

There are tons of half bathroom ideas that you can choose to make yours looks more attractive. Half bathrooms are also called guest bathroom or powder room. Even though it bears the name bathroom, it does not have any bathroom facilities. You will not find a shower or a bathtub in this bathroom. This small bathroom is usually furnished with a mirror, sink, and toilet. Adding a half bathroom is pretty popular among homeowners. They want to make their homes more comfortable for the occupants of the house and the guests.

Where to place your half bathroom ideas

Before we jump to the choices of half bathroom ideas, you must decide where you will be going to have it. If your budget is limited, your bathroom is better built near your sewer connection. Therefore, you do not need to spend a lot of money to buy pipes. If your home is not very spacious, you can have it under the stairs. You must avoid having your half bathroom in the center of the house. Choose a location that is not a high traffic area in your house. Therefore, your family members and guests will not feel uncomfortable while using it. How big is a half bathroom? You may make your guest bathroom bigger. However, 16 square feet is enough to meet the basic need of a half bathroom. You can even make it in smaller size if your house is small. It is okay as long as it can function well.

Half bathroom design ideas

This kind of bathroom is usually smaller than a common bathroom. That’s why you must choose a design idea that can make it look larger than it is. When you are choosing tiles for your half bathroom flooring, you must choose the large ones. They will make it looks more spacious. The tiles and the wall of your powder room are better in neutral light color. Adding bright colored accents can be a good idea. But you must avoid having dark tiles or wall. It will make your small half bathroom looks smaller. For your guest bathroom, you need a pedestal sink, a mirror, a toilet, and a high-velocity fan. You must remember not to place the toilet face the door. The fan will make the room have more fresh air. Choosing half bathroomideas that are simple and minimalist is better because over decoration will only make it looks a little messy.
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