Increasing Creativity with Cheap Table Lamps

Using table lamps precisely can keep eyes health and increase creativity and productivity

 One of important things in increasing creativity and quality is the precise lightning of a table lamp when studying. The light which is often too bright or less bright may danger eyes health and bother concentration of studying. Besides, careless selection of the appropriate cheap table lamps will waste much electricity. Therefore, we have to be smart to choose the appropriate quality table lamps to keep our health.

According to ophthalmologists, a suitable lamp for studying is a pure (white) lamp with 40-60 cm distance of lamp and book studied. The criteria of a good table lamp are such as: good for eyes (choose the bright light, not glimmering, and not radiating dangerous radiation such as light of ultraviolet and infrared, made of good materials (choose an anti-heat lamp and covered of substances which minimize explosion or breakage), suitable shape and size (pay attention on bigness of the lamp), good illumination (pay attention on highness between lamp, table, and room), having supporting devices and interesting color.

To avoid deception and limited payment risks, many people make their own table lamps. Much profit will be obtained if we can make our own table lamps. They are: we can accommodate our lamps based on our needs; we do not need much cost because we can make the table lamps from second-hand goods; it is also possible for us to sell our table lamps made.

Here is one of the examples to make our own cheap table lamps by using second-hand goods. The materials are: second-hand plastic spoon, second-hand children toy (semicircular), second-hand LED lamp of electric flashlight, HP charger, glue, and cardboard. The steps are: bunch and gum the spoon till it becomes pole shaped; Bundle and gum LED lamp with children toy; make the base lamp by putting cardboard into white box; connect the cable of HP charger with LED lamp; finally bunch those components become a table lamp.

Table lamps have important role in increasing our potential. Children, teenagers, and adults need appropriate table lamps to increase their creativities and capabilities. We also do not need to be worry about the quality and cost because we can make one by utilizing second-hand goods. Thus we can study and work safely and comfortably by using cheap table lamps.

Now you can increase your productivity with cheap table lamps on your room. Ensure that you arrange table lamp as good as possible based on your needs.
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